Christie Helene Communion Dresses

Christie Helene - Communion Dresses
Christie Helene - we carry the full line of Christie Helene.Many of the dresses are in stock or can be ordered in time for your event.

Christie Helen's Communion Dresses are made with the finest materials including organza, french net, and satin embellished with embroidery Pearls and sequins

Please feel free to contact us regarding with questions regarding style, fit, and in stock availability.

We will be happy to help your find the perfect dress. 732 282-9700

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Christie Helene - Communion Dress- *A0843A* Organza with crystals
Regular price: $299.00
Sale price: $258.00
Christie Helene - Communion Dress *P1128* Satin and Organza
Christie Helene *P1130* - Taffeta and Organzia
Christie Helene-*P1145*-Satin and Organza
Christie Helene-BL5 Communion Dress-Tea Length
Christie Helen-mdo42-Communion Dress
Christie Helene First Holy Communion Dress-p1434
Christie-Helene-P1361-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1474-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1529-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1538-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1573-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1578-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1586-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1591-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1596-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1597-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1599-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1603-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1605-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1610-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1614-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1616-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1622-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1624-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1626-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1628-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1630-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-P1633-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF7033-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF7105-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF7149-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF7155-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF8003S-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF8029S-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF8037-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF8050-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF8084-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF8102-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF8103-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF8117-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF8130-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF8132-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF8141S-Communion Dress
Christie-Helene-UF8160S-Communion Dress
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