Joan Calabrese Communion Dresses

Joan CalabreseCommunion-Flower- Girl Dresses- CLICK ON PHOTO TO SEE FULL COLLECTION!
We are a Registered Retailer for Joan Calabrese and Teter Warm we offer the entire Joan Calabrese and Teter Warm Communion & Flower Girl Collection. The dresses are now available to order. Many of these dresses are in stock in the store or can be can be ordered.

We know how important this special day is so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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Joan Calabrese-119377 Communion Dress-Also Available in Half Sizes
Joan Calabrese-*19328* -BEST SELLER
Regular price: $298.00
Sale price: $249.00
Joan Calabrese 123306
Joan Calabrese-123312-Communion Dress - Sold out
Joan-Calabrese-120336-Communion-BEST SELLER
Joan Calabrese-118310-BEST SELLER
Joan Calabrese 118318-Communion Dress-Satin Embroidered Lace
Regular price: $498.00
Sale price: $349.00
Joan Calabrese 216313-BEST SELLER
Joan Calabrese-218353-Communion/ Flower Girl Dres -
Joan Calabrese Communion Dress - 121303
Joan Calabrese-121307
Joan Calabrese 121304 Communion Dress/Flower Girl Dress
Joan Calabrese-121306
Joan Calabrese-119383 Communion Dress
Regular price: $298.00
Sale price: $258.00
Joan Calabrese-119388- Communion Dress Tulle & Embroidery
Joan Calabrese-119382 Communion Dress- Also Available in Half Sizes
Joan Calabrese-119380 Communion Dress Sequin & Beads
Teter-Warm-282-BEST SELLER
Joan Calabrese-119394 Communion Dress Organza & Lace
Joan Calabrese-119398 Communion Dress Satin & Tulle
Joan Calabrese-218352-Communion/Flower Girl Dress
Joan-Calabrese-120331-Communion/Flower Dress
Joan Calabrese-219301- Communion/Flower Girl Dress-Lovely in white for Communion
Joan-Calabrese-120335-Communion/Flower Dress-available in half sizes
Joan-Calabrese-120337-Communion/Flower Dress
Joan-Calabrese-120339-Communion/Flower Dress-available in half sizes
Joan-Calabrese-120344-Communion/Flower Dress-available in Half Sizes
Joan-Calabrese-120347-Communion/Flower Dress
Joan-Calabrese-120349-Communion/Flower Dress-available in  Half Sizes
Joan-Calabrese-120350-Communion/Flower Dress
Joan-Calabrese-120351-Communion/Flower Dress
Joan-Calabrese-120352-Communion/Flower Dress-Available in half sizes
Joan-Calabrese-120355-Communion/Flower Dress-available in Half Sizes
Joan-Calabrese-120357-Communion/Flower Dress
Joan-Calabrese-219311-Communion/Flower Dress
Joan-Calabrese-219313-Communion/Flower Dress
Joan-Calabrese-120341-Communion/Flower Dress
Joan Calabrese*115312*Hand Beaded Illusion -Discontinued
Regular price: $325.00
Sale price: $289.00
Joan Calabrese 216314
Regular price: $189.00
Sale price: $159.00
Joan Calabrese 117344 Hand Beaded-Available in Half Sizes
Joan Calabrese-117346 Lovely in White for Communion
Joan Calabrese 117362 Communion Dress
Joan Calabrese 117361 Communion Dress
Joan Calabrese 117334-Communion Dress-available in Half Sizes
Joan Calabrese-217378-Satin Tulle -a-line Dress
Joan Calabrese-118309 Communion/ Dress -Available in white
Regular price: $478.00
Sale price: $378.00
Joan Calabrese - 118305 Communion /Flower Girl Dress
Joan Calabrese-118330-Satin & Tulle
Joan Calabrese -118319-Communion Dress-Satin & Lace
Joan Calabrese-118325 -Lace,Satin & Tulle-Available in Half Sizes
Joan Calabrese-116365-Lovely in White for Communion
Joan Calabrese-116364-Communion Dress-also in Half Sizes
Regular price: $318.00
Sale price: $289.00
Joan Calabrese-116367-Communion Dress
Joan Calabrese-116366-Sleeveless satin and ruched tulle
Joan Calabrese-116368-Sleeveless,Satin and Tulle
Joan Calabrese-116372-Satin with Hand-Beaded Lace and Flowers
Regular price: $318.00
Sale price: $228.00
Joan Calabrese-116374-Satin with hand beading and trims-Also available in Half Sizes
Joan Calabrese-Communion Dress-116384- A-Line , hand beaded lace-Also available in Half Sizes
Regular price: $280.00
Sale price: $230.00
Joan Calabrese 116395
Regular price: $98.00
Sale price: $78.00
Joan Calabrese- Satin with Lace overlay
Joan Calabrese-215341-Satin,tulle and lace
Joan Calabrese *114343* Communion Dress - Satin with Jewel Neckline
Joan Calabrese -*114332* Satin and Tulle
Joan Calabrese-29361- Satin enhanced with flowers
Joan Calabrese -  110306-Sleeveless,Satin and Soft Tulle-
Joan Calabrese *19320* - Satin and Lace- Lovely in White for Communion!
Joan Calabrese-218349-Communion/Flower Girl Dress
Joan Calabrese-218346-Communion/Flower Girl Dress
Joan Calabrese-218348-Communion/Flower Girl Dress
Joan Calabrese-212370 Satin and Tulle-
Joan Calabrese-1193JKT
Joan Calabrese *1133jkt* Satin Short Sleeve Bolero Shrug
Joan Calabrese *1153jkt1* Communion/Flower Girl Balero
Joan Calabrese *1123JKT* - Satin
Joan Calabrese *1133JKT1* - Tulle
Joan Calabrese *1153JKT4* Organza Bolero /Hand Beading
Joan Calabrese *1103jkt2* Taffeta Jacket
Communion Tights - /With Embroidered Cross at ankel
Communion Tights Crystal Cross
Communion/Flower Girl Shoe - *780* Clarisa
Communion Shoes *144* Ballet Flat
Communion Shoes*103* Jill
Christie-Helene-888WH-Communion/Flower Girl Shoe
Joan Calabrese for Mon Cheri Size Chart
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